Advantages of digital signage, the revolution of digital advertising

Advantages of digital signage, the revolution of digital advertising

The digital signage, also known as dynamic digital signage is an advertising format that has been developed in recent years with great acceptance; It is based on the emission of digital content through devices, such as screens, projectors, tactical panels or advertising totems Smart Glass Thailand. They are generally located at points of sale or in high-traffic public places, allowing companies to create, manage, distribute and publish their own content, combining the advantages of digital advertising and more conventional outdoor advertising. .

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For its part, outdoor have been used in recent years as an innovation to reach more customers; They are usually installed on the facades of buildings, bus stations, gas stations, access points, among other places. Launching an outdoor digital signage campaign requires a greater investment Chiefway Smart Glass, so few companies venture into it. However, the investment is rewarded in great visibility and spectacularity.

Both types of digital signage have important advantages, among which you can highlight the following: an increase in brand recall. It has been proven that around 80 percent of the people who interact with this advertising medium remember the message, making it one of the most effective advertising formats.

One more advantage is that it is innovative and daring, since being a digital format, it is still perceived as something very new, despite the fact that it has been on the market for several years, so it is a tool with the aim of standing out a brand or product from among the competition, by showing a new, technological and daring image, using elements with which the majority of the population can feel comfortable and identified.

In the same way, take advantage of synergies at the points of sale. Not all purchase decisions by potential customers who do not yet know a product or service are rational, many of them are made at the last minute, so the use of digital signage directly influences the consumer at the point of sale, in such a way that in most cases it will lean towards your brand. This type of advertising usually acts at critical points, which influence the purchase decision.

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Another of their advantages is that they are ideal to capture the attention of the general public; Compared with traditional outdoor advertising, such as billboards, digital signage surprises users more efficiently, so they are more interested in the information that is provided. It is estimated that approximately 90 percent of people viewing digital signage spend up to 60 percent more time looking at it, compared to traditional media.

When they are located at points of sale, one of their advantages is that they improve the user experience. Most of the people who go to a store complain about the time they lose in the queues to pay or to choose a product, but with these tools they will be able to liven up the time with interactive content to create unique experiences that remain in users such as positive memories, both of the brand and the establishment.

Since the contents are interactive, a key advantage over conventional advertising, it allows users to establish a dialogue with this tool. This not only increases the engagement and the impact of the brand or the product, but also allows providing very valuable information on how users relate to the brand.

Author: Layla Gutierrez